About Us

At Sports Vision, we envision a future where AI is used to push limits of human potential. As a team of technologists and sports enthusiasts, we are driven by the mission to create the foundational models that enable anyone to unlock their highest physical potential.

Our Journey

Sports Vision emerged from a team of computer vision experts who recognized an opportunity to enhance elite athlete's performance.

The vision was clear, use cutting-edge technology to extract deeper insights from training and competition footage.

After several successful paid pilots, the concept for Sports Vision took shape, demonstrating our technology's power not jsut for elite atheletes but for anyone passionate about sports.

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Where Are We Today

After 18 months of dedicated effort in refining our models and securing three patents for our algorithms, Sports Vision has evolved.

Today, we are leveraging our technology to enhance movement, training, and competition for athletes at both the professional and amateur levels.

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